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Eastside’s residential program was designed for students who can benefit from living on campus. For these students, the added structure and intensive academic support have had a significant impact.

Dormitories are staffed with dedicated residential faculty members who serve as tutors, counselors, and mentors, providing each student with the support they need to reach their potential. The residential program’s main objective is to encourage each student’s academic success and to help each student live responsibly, becoming increasingly self-reliant and able to make good choices.

The residential program runs year-round to accommodate students who can benefit from living on campus for our summer session as well as our regular academic year. Weekend staffing allows us to provide support and housing to students who can use the additional tutorial time on the weekend and who want to continue building on the positive, family-like atmosphere that characterizes the program and encourages success.

Students think of the residence hall as their “home away from home” and their fellow boarders and residential faculty as part of their extended families. Two students share a room, and each evening all students gather for evening study sessions and, on some evenings, a variety of activities ranging from house meetings to movies, game nights, community service and special celebrations.

To find out how you can provide dorm tutorial support in the evenings, visit our get involved page.