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Each summer we offer a mix of on-campus courses in the arts, humanities, and sciences, allowing students to expand on a particular interest, fulfill a requirement, or simply try something new. We also encourage students to find summer programs, internships, or travel opportunities outside of Eastside. Each student takes part in 120+ hours of on- or off- campus programs each summer, with the goal of promoting personal growth and future opportunities.

We are grateful to the generous donors that support our summer session, including Wells Fargo.

"This summer I want to take a Foothill College class here at Eastside. By taking advantage of the opportunity Eastside is giving us, I can earn college credit before I actually go to college."


All incoming ninth graders attend our Summer Bridge program for rising freshmen. During this six-week course, students take literature, math, financial literacy, and high school prep courses, which provide students with strategies for managing their time and workload effectively, developing key organizational skills and helping them set goals for a successful year ahead.

The program plays a vital part in our effort to assess students’ skill levels as they begin building skills that are essential to success. During this time, we convey our expectation that students will make a serious and sustained commitment to their education while laying the foundation of support from Eastside faculty.


All rising seniors take this two-week class, taught by our College counselor which gives students a head start on the college application process as they research colleges and universities that would be a good match, begin working on their personal statements, and prepare for the fall SAT. This course is held in the beginning of the summer so students can participate in other activities and classes.

On-Campus Classes

Since 2010, we have partnered with Foothill College to offer college-level classes at Eastside both during the summer and during the school year. Typically we offer three Foothill classes during the summer: chemistry, psychology, and statistics. These classes are a tremendous benefit to students as they enter college with college credits on their transcripts and with the confidence that they can master college-level material.

Summer classes typically include art and drama, which fulfill the year-long arts requirement for UC and CSU admission, as well as fitness and computer science.


In addition to offering classes on campus, we also help our students find and fund programs off campus. In past years students have participated in a variety of off-campus activities including career-directed internships, research or academic programs at universities, volunteer or paid positions at local nonprofits, international travel through organizations such as Experiment in International Living, and outdoor adventures with groups like NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). We work individually with students to help them navigate the application processes for off-campus summer activities. 

For more information about our Summer Session, contact:

Karla Garcia
Student Services Coordinator
phone: (650) 688-0850 x112
email: karlag@eastside.org

Vanessa, Eastside Class of 2018


“At what other school have you heard of a sophomore going on a leadership trip to Canada, or a junior taking an internship at NASA and making 3D models of the Mars helicopter, or a senior shadowing a research scientist at Stanford?” –Vanessa, Eastside Class of 2018